Childrens Room Wall Art Decorations


This is a lovely collection of wall art stickers for any childs room, includes a decorative tree, reindeer, rabbit, squirrel, birds, butterflies and small décor. Place where you wish on your wall!

Tree (30 x 33cm) Deer (20 x 13cm) Butterflies x 3 (6 x 5cm each) Rabbit (10 x 10cm) Squirrel (8 x 8cm) Birds x 2 (10 x 6cm each) Mushrooms (9 x 6cm) Plants (6 x 5cm) Acorns x 9 (2 x 2cm) Moon (8 x 7cm)

Tree (75 x 68cm) Deer (45 x 30cm) Butterflies x 3 (15 x 12cm each) Rabbit (24 x 23cm) Squirrel (20 x 17cm) Birds x 2 (22 x 14cm each) Mushrooms (18 x 13cm) Plants (9 x 4cm) Acorns x 9 (5 x 4cm) Moon (15 x 12cm)

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