Tile Stickers added June 14, 2015 19:55

Simple but effective square tile stickers added to the site. Bored with current ceramic tiles. Plain and lifeless? Well a simple pack of square, gloss coloured tile stickers will do the trick!

We've got crabs.... May 3, 2015 19:46

We have just added more tile, ceramic stickers. These are available in three sizes and work well in the bathroom. The collection includes crabs, octopus, sea shells, seahorses, nemo, starfish to name but a few. What's more is that they are cheap as chips!

Went crazy last week April 11, 2015 11:12

My idea was to add just a couple of new wall art designs a week...well last week we added 11 new designs! From basketball players, to small dolphin stickers, a few more quotes and some nice new decorative wall designs. Please have a browse, comments are welcome!

All of our "wall" stickers can be placed onto tiles, fridges and many more. They are water resistant.

Yesterday we produced all the signage for a Salon in Leicester (UK), "Divine Serenity Retreat" and for another business in Madrid "Mar De Canala". We wish them all the best with their ventures...